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Kinabalu Commercial College was set up in 1968 and since that time has been a pioneer in bringing quality education within the reach of local students who wish to pursue further or higher education. The college has a suitable learning environment and the excellent student - lecturer ratio making it more conducive to the students' development.

Our Graphic Art and Design Course acquaints the non designer with basic principles of terminology guidelines, methods and systems used to solve graphic design problems. Assignments devised to emphasize and encourage conceptual thinking in relationship to design development.

These include understanding and evaluating information, learning the value of research and creating accurate communicative zymology for idea driven design solutions. Projects evolve from initial concepts through full size rough layout to a completed, comprehensive presentation.

The process is applied to specific collateral design components.

  • To instill appreciation & a body of knowledge in Art and Design.
  • Develop and acquire a good set of skills needed in the work force and gear them for employment within the design industry.
  • To train to be a professional designer and fulfill the market needs.
  • To be capable of producing constructive, innovative,
    original ideas. Sets out to help you assess your potential as an artist or designer and think about future opportunities.
  • To groom the individual to be the best that they can be.
  • To offer Art and design education at an affordable fee so students are able to further their studies to diploma/degree and produce professionals who are creative from an institution that Sabahans can be proud of.
  • Provide Sabah's most creative and innovative graduates and international designers who will become leaders in the 21st century.


Graphic Designer  |  Packaging Designer | Multimedia Designer | Creative Director Production Coordinator | Cartoonist | Interior Designer | TV Graphic Production Designer Photographic Designer | Editorial Designer | Digital Artist | Visualiser | Desktop Publisher Story board Artist | Prop Designer | Product Designer | Typographer | Production Manager Commercial Illustrator | Set Designer | Display Artist  | Art Director


15 months (Full Time)

-   Passed SPM with 2 credits or more  -OR-  equivalent with a credit in Art.
-   All applications - must include a portfolio of their art works.

Graphic Communication
This subject introduces students to Graphic Design and to the application of graphics in different areas. Intensive examination of materials and processes as they relate to the manipulation of form for Packaging, Advertising and Promotional Campaigns. Students will produce a variety of solutions dealing with shape, form, volume and other graphic reproductions.
An introductory course designed to explore the basic principles in developing illustrations. Each students' own creativity, self expression is placed on clarity of concepts, professional responsibilities and the development procedures necessary to work in this field. Control of the media and tools is stressed, enabling the student to utilize the image making techniques.
Basic Drawing
Basic principles, materials and technique necessary to develop skills in drawing. A step by step examination of drawing procedures using lines, shape and forms as well as an introduction to basic in perspective, student will learn to draw proportionally and descriptionaly, increase hand-eye coordination and observation between object i.e. human figure and image.
The essential experience in the craft of typography, type selection and copy fitting. Symbolic communication inherent in different typefaces are explored. Typographic relationships with other graphic element.
Colour Study
Students learn the sense of colour and it's potentials underlying principles of colour selection, contrast and harmonies, relationships between light, colour and vision as well as the basic of pigment, mixing and the colour terminology.
Production F.A.(Finished Art)
Basic production techniques or methods, preparation of final art work for printing and concerning mechanical, typesetting, colour separation among others.
Computer Aided Design
Begin with Microsoft environment. The software is CorelDraw. Students will be enable to design a range of Stationery, Logos and other design purposes.
introduces students to the use of camera, metering, film development and printing in black and white. A systematic and thorough approach is emphasized, student develop essential skills for obtaining consistent results.
History of Graphic Art and Design
The history of Graphic Art and Design addresses key development in the visual arts from classical antiquity to the present. Graphic Art and Design history includes the introduction to the major art movement in Europe and America both pre 20th century & 20th century.
This subject covers the usage and pronounciation of English Art terminologies. Explanatory description of Art terminologies set forth in words and list characteristics. Art terminologies pertaining to Graphic Art and Design.
Corporate Identity System
Enabling students to create a corporate image. Appropriate, attractive, confident and innovative designs for the conveying of information and a vehicle for communication. It reflects individuality, personality and corporate image. It is an image creating, business promoting sales tool. Graphic elements, solutions, development and production to form many kinds of incorporated expressions brought about by corporate identities among companies.
Final Project
Preparation and assembling of works for Portfolio development and project brief. This is essential for presentation, exhibition, work interviews and also to enable student to pursue a career in the Graphic Art and Design industry.

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