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1st INTAKE 2014
Assessment Test
: 8th January 2014
: 9th & 10th January
Normal Timetable
: 11th January
Chinese New Year Break
: 9th to 17th February
Holiday: Birthday of Prophet S.A.W.
: 24th February
Good Friday
: 29th March
Last Day of Term
: 29th March
Term Break Off-Days
:30th March to 8th April
2nd INTAKE 2014
Assessment Test
: 7th April
: 8th & 9th April
Normal Timetable
: 10th April
Holiday: Good Friday
: 18th April
Holiday: Labour Day
: 1st May
Holiday: Wesak Day
: 13th May
Harvest Festival
: 29th May to 2st June
Last Day of Term
: 25th June
Term Break Off-Days
: 26th June to 6th July
3rd INTAKE 2014
Assessment Test
: 7th July
: 8th & 9th July
Normal Timetable
: 10th July
Holiday: Hari Raya
: 28th - 30th Aug
IEP-ft Holiday: Merdeka Day
: 31st August
Malaysia Day
: 16th September
Last Day of Term
: 23th September
Term Break Off-Days
: 24st Sept to 30th October
4th INTAKE 2014
Assessment Test
: 1nd October
: 2th & 3th October
Normal Timetable
: 7th October
Holiday: Hari Raya Korban
: 6th October
Holiday: Deepavali
: 23th November
Holiday: Awal Muharam
: 24th November
Last Day of Term
: 16th December
Term Break Off-Days
: 17th December to 6thJanuary 2014
Important Note:
  1. International ESOL Examinations will be scheduled for April, July, September and December soon after the Last Day of the Course for each intake.
  2. Each Intake consists of 10 weeks or 50 class days.
  3. Malaysian National & Sabah Holidays have already been considered in determining the above-mentioned dates.
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